Axis of Apes

The axis isn't here to make friends or allies.

We don't care that you're apes too. We're not the same.

Join the axis, pick your faction and fight for your bag.



Mint day is set to august 26. Join discord/twitter for exact time.

2000/5555 are reserved for the whitelist. Max/wallet: 2

3555/5555 are released for the public mint. Mint price: 0.005Ξ Max/wallet: 5

E.G: Whitelisted can mint 2 for free + 3 paid, 5 in total. Non whitelisted can mint 5.


Post mint we're splitting you in to the factions that you have minted. Depending on what faction you're part of, you'll have different paths going forward.

The faction is just a starting point and your own decisions will determine if you make it or not. Consider this an official warning.

Watch it all evolve

The axis that was once united has slowly been falling apart. We're all apes, but we're not all the same. Different ideologies and ambitions have created a rift that might never be bridged again.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even life. Cherish what you have today, because tomorrow never comes until it's too late.


We do have a reward system. It's not based on staking, how many you're holding or how much ass you lick. It all depends on you and your choices as a part of the axis. As the project evolves you'll slowly realise what we're asking of you soldier.

Loyalty will be rewarded and deflection will be punished.

The team

Five literal apes in total. An artist, a project manager, a developer and two very special chimps to manage the community. We're looking for another dev. and moderators. If you happen to lack a life, boundaries and want to join us - reach out on discord.